Senior Partner

He is an Expert in Corporate Administrative Processes and Corporate Taxation and provides assistance in the structuring and start-up, or in the reorganization, of administrative accounting systems. He also plans and coordinates the management control systems implementation, which is always modulated on each company’s size and complexity.

He provides advice and support to corporate governance for the ordinary and extraordinary activities of companies and help them managing the relations with financial institutions.

He has held and currently holds positions as member of the corporate auditors, as well as board member, liquidator and technical consultant, in diversified sectors.

Pierpaolo graduated in Business Economics with a specialization in Accounting and Control at the Bocconi University in Milan. He is a certified accountant and a certified auditor since 1993.

Before join Atax, Pierpaolo worked as Head of Management Control for various companies of diverse industries and in 1996 he found his own firm: Studio Pescarmona.