Of Counsel

Stefano graduated in law from the University of Milan with the highest award of marks possible and has more than 20 years’ experience as a practising lawyer both in Italy and overseas. Specialising in international law and in Italian and foreign commercial and property law, he is the author of a wealth of articles in his particular field. He has been working in partnership with the university chair in Private Law at the Catholic University of Milan since 1996 and has been on the register of Experts for Internationalisation (Contracts) held by the Lombardy Unioncamere (the Italian Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture) since 2012.


Stefano has built up a wealth of experience of the international dynamics of commerciale law and the real estate market, having worked in Miami (Florida) and in Dubai (UAE), where he opened a branch office in 2008. As well as providing advice out of court, Stefano has consolidated experience in handling matters subject to court proceedings, with the result that he is able to recognise and anticipate the main issues that arise during the more complex phases of complex negotiations of the type typically encountered in the international commercial sector.


Stefano is proud of a large portfolio of national and international clients comprising both businesses and private clients who instruct him to handle the full range of issues that they encounter in Italy and

abroad, with his work ranging from negotiating and drafting contracts and assistance in front of the Courts or Arbitral Panels.