She deals with tax, administration and corporate consultancy, both in national and international contexts. She provides professional advice for the purposes of the appropriate fulfilment of tax and civil law, and in the context of extraordinary transactions, with particular regard to sale of companies and business branches and liquidations .

Cristina offers advice also in international contexts, for  processes of internationalization of Italian companies, reporting and management of compliance activities in Italy on behalf of foreign companies.

She is an expert in the banking anomalies detection and analysis; she has worked -and still works- as an appointed technical consultant in the context of bank dispute, carrying out expertise on compound interest and usury in current account, mortgage, leasing, derivatives contracts.

She has specific skills on valuations of companies, property and assets, in which she is an expert,also in litigation area. She is also acts as member of Boards of Statutory Auditors.

Certified accountant and certified auditor, she is registered with the Association of Chartered Accountants and Auditors in Milan, since 2005. She graduated in Business Economics from the University of Bergamo.

She worked consistently for a professional firm in Milan, especially with tax and corporate consultancy, for Italian and foreign companies.

Cristina is Atax partner since 2016.