About Us

Atax, professional firm

Atax is a tax, administrative and corporate consulting firm which puts together the strong suits of a professional firm and the evolved structure of a consulting company. This allows us to help national and multinational companies to choose, seize opportunities and further grow and develop. When Atax has been founded, we bore in mind all the previous experiences we had gone through while working as consultants for professional firms: all the questions, all the obstacles, the solutions we then found and the many paths to success we discovered. This idea was created thanks to the melting pot of different experiences and disciplines.

This is why Atax puts together different fields that in day-to-day practice become a single unit: corporate and tax consulting and the wider field of the related disciplines. These are the main areas of interest of national and multinational companies during their development and evolution, together with the continuous changes in laws, regulations and markets. And we do not forget about the need for new opportunities: we are members of EuropeFides, European association of independant tax consultants, certified accountants and lawyers.

For us consulting means to bear in mind your goals and finding the most adequate path and development processes to reach them. We offer our help in assessing risks and opportunities, in choosing the right path and in everyday management matters. We do so thanks to an operating structure that has been specifically created to help you thanks to our experience, IT and the help of an established network of professionals. Our experience allows us to have a complete overview of every aspect of your activity. In this way things are made easier.