The complexity of financial markets, dynamics, and acceleration of changes in the economy, are all aspects that are affecting more and more the different operating modes and business organization. In order to face these new contexts it is crucial to be able to head in the right direction and reorganize. This can be achieved through renovation and reconstruction activities, entering or exiting a specific market, through growth or deconstruction. All these activities fall under the category of the so-called extraordinary financial operations.


It is the field that includes M&A and the so-called “extraordinary” operations. Thanks to these operations a company is able to adjust its operational conditions and procedures, ownership structure, tangible and intangible assets and those contractual and company relationships that govern and regulate the relations among the company, its ownership, its administration and its stakeholders. By these means, a company will be able to adapt to new contexts, overcome difficulties and foster its growth.

  • Extraordinary transactions (mergers, conversions, transfers, liquidations)

  • Generational passage

  • Professional assistance in the context of transactions dealing with shareholdings, company sale and leasing

  • Company and shareholdings valuation

  • Tax, accounting and financial due diligence

  • Acquisitions