Development and Innovation

Company support, development and innovation. These have always been, and are, our strongest suits. This is how we have managed to create our knowledge and professionalism which focus on this particular aspect of corporate consulting; it encompasses the development of research & development projects and product, process and services innovation projects. We pay special attention to the transfer of technology and the creation of partnership, to the use of funds and to the planning and management of projects and operational plans.

Our professional structure allows us to assist you in every phase of the project, starting from the initial phase all the way to daily operations. We run projects in cooperation with important actors of this sector such as universities and research centers.

Among other services we also deal with seeking national and international funding and subsidies – especially European projects such as the Horizon 2020 program.

  • Research & development projects

  • Product innovation projects

  • Process and services innovation projects

  • Transfer of technology

  • Set up of partnership

  • use of funds

  • Planning and management of projects and operational plans